Don’t be afraid of changes

Early this year I changed companies and started working for a bank. They promised me working with highly specialized software, global standard in its category. And they promised me .Net platform. First they delivered, second they failed for more than 9 months now.

Now I do complain a lot. But at the same time I am afraid of acting on what I feel. So I tried explaining it to myself that this is just temporary, they will update their software, we will go forward. Now I finally see things as they are – change is no coming any time soon. And its my life and no one will take care of it better the myself.

I’ve raised my issue to people above me. And starting from next week I’ll be back at .Net project, WPF, WCF, tasks – you name it. It wasn’t hard. All it took was a bit of honesty about the situation and idea on where I would lie to be and everyone was happy to help.

Don’t sit quietly in uncomfortable situation, take care of your professional life and be honest about your work. The world is your oyster!


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