Deliver static page content with Nancy

Time to server some content with Nancy. That is straightforward, and a bit like MS MVC.

Get["/"] = parameters => View["Index.html"];

And this will serve my HTML. But just a page is not enough – there is always a need for more. CSS? JavaScript? Maybe some images if you feel fancy enough? Thankfully Nancy comes with built-in convention that covers this for us (at least for basic usage; then again I don’t need much at the moment, do I?). As they kindly put in their documentation:

TL;DR: stick stuff in /Content .. done.

Wouldn’t write it better myself ;) New dir; new stylesheet; link it to index page. Done! Just do hard refresh (Ctrl+R in Chrome) to avoid browser cashing and I have my page looking nicely.

Tip of a day – in Chrome, go to developer tools (F12), there switch to Network tab and mark Disable cache checkbox – this way browser will always load all the resources from the server, avoiding cache. This will be done only when dev tools are open so your day-to-day browsing speed will not be impacted. Same goes for FireFox and IE – saves you some nerves when trying to figure out why those damn css aren’t working (assuming they are working at all, I’m looking at you, you damn css!).

ToDo at some point I will probably need to move onto something better than plain css to simplify style management. Few years back I had brief encounter with Less, but seems to me like Sass is all the rage now. But that’s for future – at this point there is no need for big guns.


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