core launch profile and launch settings

ASP.NET Core –launch-profile and launchSettings.json

How to start application in ASP.NET Core from command line?

dotnet run

How to start application in ASP.NET Core in development mode?

dotnet run

How to make it one command? Use launch profile, available in dotnet run command. But to make it work, there needs to be launchSettings.json file with profile definition, i.e. what needs to be done for application to run.

Definition I am using, inspired by web, is this:

    "iisSettings": {
        "windowsAuthentication": false,
        "anonymousAuthentication": true,
        "iisExpress": {
        "applicationUrl": "http://localhost:5000/",
        "sslPort": 0
    "profiles": {
        "Dev": {
            "commandName": "Project",
            "launchBrowser": true,
            "launchUrl": "http://localhost:5000",
            "environmentVariables": {
                "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT": "Development"

And to launch it in Dev mode all I have to do is:

dotnet run --launch-profile 'Dev'

And… it fails, saying it cannot find this profile. That is because what I did is place the file next to .csproj file. Seemed obvious. Well, it should not. Where this file needs to be is in Properties directory (\Properties\launchSettings.json). With this layout – it works perfectly fine. fine.