Spot an error: Simple.Data.PostgreSql

Take a look at the code below and spot an error:

if (resultRequired)
    return insertData.Select(row => ExecuteInsert(cmd, insertColumns, row, onError)).ToList();
    insertData.Select(row => ExecuteInsert(cmd, insertColumns, row, onError));
    return null;

Got it? At first I didn’t. Debugged once but it ‘appeared’ to be ok so haven’t noticed the issue. Yet, insert did not happened, data did not reach database. Debugged once again – and quick glance over the code was enough to see it. Of course my code took else path as I didn’t need results of insert for anything. And there is select, but it’s never used – ergo it’s never even triggered. That’s one of nice features of linq – it will only run query if you actually need the result. But on the other hand – it is pretty easy to sometimes forget you’re not firing the query and it won’t do any of those function calls you set up in Select call.

Adding ToList() at the end should fix the issue. Time to do some pull requests on Github!

Edit: and so I did – fixed, wrote some unit tests to make sure it will work in future and posted pull request on GitHub. This is my first contribution to Open source. And I hope it won’t be the last!